PMT – precise measurement

PMT means precise measurement technology for pressure and flow. Our company was founded by Franz Soller in 2005. He enriched PMT with his 30 years of experience in the field of measurement applications. We use this know-how to satisfy our customers.

Our measuring technology is used since 2005 in various areas such as the automotive sector and process engineering. Our product portfolio includes sensors for  food & drug applications with TRI-clamp connections, sensors for mobile road testing as well as turbines the measurement of slurry media or acids and sensors for measuring in hazardous areas. Moreover we supply flowmeters for oil and gas measurement and subsea meters for offshore applications.


Pressure measurement

Main benefit of our pressure sensors are their small size and their high accuracy of +/-0.5% total error over the entire temperature range from -40 to + 125 °C. A wide range of mechanical and electrical connectors allows ideal adaptation to the existing applications. Even for small quantities we can offer customer-specific sensors.

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Flow measurement

For flow measurement application we offer measuring turbines, Vortex flow meters, magnetic inductive flow meters, laminar flow elements and ultra sonic clamp on units. Our product range is supplemented with appropriate electronics for these sensors. In addition we offer an extensive calibration and repair service for flowmeters. Calibrations are offered with factory calibration or optionally with DAkkS certification. A free receiving inspection for every flow meter is offered as standard service. Gladly we advise you in a personal interview to find an optimal solution for you.








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We have over 30 years of application experience in pressure and flow measurement. Our customers take advantage of this know-how.

We offer pressure sensors in silicon and thin film technology. Highly efficient production enables us to achieve a very good price / performance ratio. In flow measurement, we offer measuring turbines with highly corrosion-resistant hybrid ball bearings.

Together with TrigasFI, a DAkkS-accredited laboratory for fluid and gas calibrations, we offer a comprehensive repair and calibration service for flowmeters for liquids and gases.