Measurement technology for mobile road test

Measurement technology for mobile road test is usually exposed to extreme conditions for months or years: cold and salty water in winter, high temperatures and dust in summer. Also, small sensors are needed by the small footprint for applications in the road test.

Pressure sensors for mobile road test

Pressure measurements in coolant, oil, brake fluid, fuel, intake, exhaust or additives such as AdBlue are dealt with by our sensors easily. The pressure sensors provide a wide range of measuring range end values from 200 mbar up to 600 bar. The sensors are characterized by very good long-term stability, accuracy and long service life. DS19 and DS16 series are particularly suitable for the mobile road test with 19 mm diameter each. Including cable outlet and connection thread M10*1 total length of a pressure sensor is from 45 mm. As all wetted parts are made of stainless steel, the sensors can be used easily for different media. We offer special sensors for measurement of hydrogen.

Measuring turbines for mobile road test

With small equipment footprint turbines can be fitted perfectly in the engine compartment and are suitable for the road test. The turbines are used for coolant measurement, measurement of oils and fuels. The both sides closed ball bearings ensure increased insensitivity to particles in the medium.

Calibration with several viscosities and creating a UVC (universal viscosity calibration) which serves to compensate viscosity variation by measuring changes in temperature and calculating corresponding viscosity are available. Additionally we offer modifications of turbine body to enable direct measurement of temperature or pressure situated on flowmeter body. You can see an example of a turbine with temperature sensor screwed-on and closed hole for the pressure sensor on the right side.

MID – magnetic inductive flowmeter for mobile road test

Biggest advantage of small footprint flowmeter is free measuring tube of sensor and the resulting low pressure drop. The magnetic inductive flow meter has no moving parts and is not sensitive on particles in the medium thus.

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