Flow measurement for plant engineering and construction

Flow measurement systems made by Hoffer are used in various areas. For years, we successfully supply customers that use our turbine flowmeter e.g. for measurement in test setups for fuel cells, for testing of gas turbines and in many other areas.

Coolant measurement in test systems

We supply a manufacturer of testing equipment for several years. The flow measuring turbines are used to measure coolant or heat carrier oil. Small size and temperature ranges up to 200 ° C with the use of heat transfer oils were requirements of our customers in addition to good accuracy. Also, great emphasis is placed on a smooth, virtually maintenance-free operation, because the turbines are installed in systems, which are distributed worldwide by our customers. Get a quote for a turbine flowmeter for your application.

Turbine flowmeters for oil and gas installations

The requirements in the oil and gas industry can be served very well by Hoffer flow measurement equipment. Intrinsically safe electronics, explosion-proof housing and redi-pulse turbine pickoffs, allowing a signal transmission over several hundred meters, belong to the product range of Hoffer Flow Controls.

The electronics for turbine flowmeters are available with various options, including:

  • Total volume counter, not resettable
  • 20 points linearization
  • HARD interface
  • Mounting on the turbine, wall mounting, or mounting on the pipe

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Food Applications

Measuring turbine are available with Tri-clamp connection for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These turbine flowmeters are cleaned and sealed delivered. Hoffers precise flowmeters can be used for both, acid and base applications.